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January 16, 2019, 05:03:44 am

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Greencountry Motorsports

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 on: January 10, 2019, 01:36:54 pm 
Started by gregaryus - Last post by gregaryus
The rally was not run as the rallymaster had a medical emergency.     The recovery is slow and more surgery may be required.     Hopefully, more rallies will be put on in the future.

 on: September 14, 2018, 11:31:15 am 
Started by gregaryus - Last post by gregaryus
The NEOKLA REGION of the SPORTS CAR CLUB of AMERICA will present the D. I. Y. ROAD RALLY on Sunday October 21, 2018.     This is a TIME SPEED and DISTANCE (TSD) TOUR style rally that will feature DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) checkpoints.     Any street-legal four-wheeled vehicle can be entered.     A driver and a navigator will form a team and follow a set of instructions over one of two possible routes of about 85 miles.     One route is all paved while the other has a handful of gravel miles making it a mixed surface route.     The FREE rally school offered on October 20 would be a plus to attend for first-timers.     Entry fee is $20 per vehicle.     We will meet at the HIRE CALL parking lot at 7131 South Riverside Drive.     TECH and on site REGISTRATION opens at 10:30 AM.     COMPETITOR'S MEETING is at 11:15 AM.     First vehicle scheduled to start at 11:31 AM.     First vehicle should finish before 4:00 PM.   You can REGISTER online at motorsportreg.com         

 on: September 07, 2018, 10:05:29 am 
Started by gregaryus - Last post by gregaryus
Saturday, October 20, 2018 NEOKLA REGION SCCA will offer a FREE road rally school.     Basic course following will be touched on.     Basic skills in timing as well as some of the "SECRETS" of timing and calculating "on the fly" will be revealed.     It is NOT rocket science!!!     Be prepared to take notes!!     "Rally can be as simple OR as complex as you want to make it".     "I prefer simple.", instructor Garry Deaton notes.     This rally participant of nearly fifty years has SEEN A LOT!!!     The school will be in the NORTH MEETING ROOM of the ZARROW LIBRARY on West 51st between Union and 33rd West Avenue.     The school will begin at 1:00 PM.           

 on: August 14, 2018, 11:18:43 am 
Started by gregaryus - Last post by gregaryus
Anthony Black and Greg McGrath took turns driving their Chevrolet Silverado to bring home some QT gas cards from Bill Hilley's Mad Mouse Road Rally on Sunday, July 29th, as friends Brittany Sanchez and Amanda Crase rode along.     The crew took first place in the first half of the rally and tied for second place in the second half of the rally.

The event was an "average Joe" in which the total elapsed time for the field is divided by the number of vehicles entered to get an overall average elapsed time.     The winning team has the elapsed time closest to that average.     In this case, the two halves were scored separately with the first and second place in each half receiving QT gas cards.

The "average Joe" was concocted about twenty years ago and the first perfect score ever recorded was done so by Black and McGrath in the first half.     Another first for an "average Joe" was a tie for second in the second half as Mike and Mary Jane Halley covered the distance in their restored 1980 Fiat Abarth 131 performance rally car.

Pax Rolfe and Kayla Solon piloted their Mazda Miata to first place in the second half to prevent a sweep.

Jared Asberry and Jason Hodges toured their Ford Focus to a fine second place finish in the first half.

Jason Baney and Michael Tritt did not bring home a gas card but did agree that the route was fun to drive.

Special thanks to Dr. Bob Strattan and wife Vada who ran as official observers as Dr. Bob did the safety pre-check of the route and to Greg Maize who volunteered to capture some of the action with pics.     I can't do this without the help of Robin.

The route itself started at the Hire Call lot near 71st and Riverside.     It basically ran through south Tulsa over to Jenks and then to near Sapulpa before heading north to the Tulsa Turner Turnpike gate and the checkpoint at the QT on 49th West Avenue.

The second half then went back south towards Glenpool and Kiefer before finishing in Sapulpa at the Heart of Route 66 Museum.     Again, special thanks to the entire staff of the museum for putting up with us.

FIRST  HALF  RESULTS                                                  1:13:47

BLACK/McGRATH          CHERVROLET  SILVERADO          1:13:47          0:00

ASBERRY/HODGES        FORD  FOCUS                            1:15:11          1:24

ROLFE/SOLON              MAZDA  MIATA                          1:11:45          2:02

HALLEY/HALLEY           FIAT  131                                  1:21:00          6:13

BANEY/TRITT              SUBARU  WRX                            1:07:12          6:35

SECOND  HALF  RESULTS                                                59:13

ROLFE/SOLON             MAZDA  MIATA                          1:01:10           1:57

BLACK/McGRATH         CHEVROLET  SILVERADO               57:00           2:13

HALLEY/HALLEY          FIAT  131                                     57:00           2:13

ASBERRY/HODGES      FORD  FOCUS                               56:51           2:22

BANEY/TRITT             SUBARU  WRX                            1:04:05          4:52

We will have one more rally this year.     It looks like it will be in the fall.     There will be a rally school on Saturday and the rally on Sunday.     The school will mostly cover SIMPLE timing, measurement and calculating.     There ARE BIG secrets to rally when it comes to calculations.     The first has to do with DIY checkpoints.     DIY stands for DO IT YOURSELF.     Once you know the secrets to a DIY, everything starts to open up as MUCH easier to understand.

 on: June 25, 2018, 02:00:38 pm 
Started by gregaryus - Last post by gregaryus
It should read motorsportreg.com as the place for pre-registration.     The fingers are NOT so nimble.

 on: June 25, 2018, 01:57:00 pm 
Started by gregaryus - Last post by gregaryus
Mark your calendar for Sunday, July 29, 2018.     NEOKLA REGION of SCCA will present Bill Hilley's Mad Mouse Road Rally.     Entry fee is $20 per car (that's two people), with additional passengers having the entry fee of $5 per passenger.     This actually a two for one deal as the rally entry fee also gets you into the HEART of ROUTE 66 MUSEUM in Sapulpa, Oklahoma, after the rally.     We will met at 8 AM for a simple Tech and Registration at the Hire Call parking lot located at 7131 S. Riverside Parkway.     There will be a Competitor's Meeting at 8:45 AM.     The first car will leave about 9 AM.     The route will be all paved and meander its way through western Tulsa County and northeastern Creek County.     

This will be an Average Joe style of rally.     Here is how it works.     Each car will have a team.     Each team will receive a set of instructions that will get the team from the start to the finish.     Instructions could read: Left at traffic light; or Right on Yale.     Each driver may proceed at any speed UNDER the speed limits.     A rally is NOT a race, especially an Average Joe rally.     The word AVERAGE is the key.     Each team will write down on the instructions what time they start in hours, minutes and seconds.     There will be a checkpoint at the halfway point.     The team will write down the time they finish in hours, minutes and seconds.     The elapsed times for all of the entrants will be added together and then divided by the number of cars entered.     This result will be the AVERAGE elapsed time for the field.     The team that has the closest elapsed time to the AVERAGE time is the winner of the first half.     So, you do NOT want to be the fastest NOR do you want to be the slowest.     You want to be AVERAGE.     There will be a similar competition for the second half of the rally.     There will be at least prizes for first and second place for each half.

Bill Hilley is from the Jack Fork Mountain area of Oklahoma and the Hill Country of Texas.     He visited an amusement park as a kid that had The Mad Mouse as a ride.     The Mad Mouse was similar to a "fun house" ride.     You got in a car and rode the rails into a building.     Once in the building, the rails split up into many possible directions, so that you could ride The Mad Mouse many times and NOT get the same ride twice.     In a Mad Mouse section of the rally, you could come to an intersection and see other rally cars approaching from many other directions.     They may go in directions different than the way you are to go.     That's OK!!!!!     They might be on a different instruction than you are.     Do not assume that they are going the wrong way.     Just smile and wave at them!!!!!

Go to motorsportre.com for pre-registration under Bill Hilley's Mad Mouse Road Rally.     For more info (918) 492-3602.       

 on: June 18, 2018, 08:01:21 am 
Started by debuke - Last post by debuke
is there a miata shop in tulsa that has good rep?

 on: April 23, 2018, 11:08:08 am 
Started by gregaryus - Last post by gregaryus
The team of Jorge Flores and Jimmy LaMay used superb scoring to win the Second Running of the Area 51 Road Rally.   Although many teams scored well on some legs of the event, only Flores and LaMay scored single digits on every leg.   Their score of 24 points for the first four legs was impressive, but the lunch break only fueled their intensity.   They collected only 3 points in the final four legs with their '98 Subaru Impreza.   This consistency also earned the pair the Loudness of the Lams Award for the best scores on the paved legs, just edging fellow Impreza team, Spencer Stevenson and Chance Kidd, with a tie breaker.   Both teams had six points, but Flores and LaMay won two of the three paved legs, giving them the award.   Osage County maintenance crews had graveled a good portion of the second leg of the event.   The field of seven teams voted before the day started to count the leg as a gravel leg instead of a paved one.   That shortened the paved legs to three and increased the gravel legs to five.   Stevenson and Kidd eventually finished second overall with a total score of 43.

Jason Baney and Michael Tritt finished third overall in their 2002 WRX with 45 points.   Baney and Tritt were consoled by winning the Master of the Marbles Award for the team that had the best scores for the gravel legs.   This time Flores and LaMay were edged out of the award by one point, 20 - 21.

The team of Steve and Angela Schoffstall drove well over 100 miles to attend from their home in western Oklahoma.   When asked, they said the fires got within 20 miles of their home.   That's scary.   The Schoffstalls scored a fine 59 with a zero and two scores of 1 point using a 2013 Crosstrek.    Nate Pittman and Khris Pearce used a 2006 Ford Mustang to collect a mere 68 points that included a handful of single digit scores.   Kyle Shoulders and Tim Cruz were the final finishers with 124 points, but you could tell that they had a blast in their 1983 Brat which included a zero.

The team of Forrest Holt and Kortney Holt did not finish but did score a seven on leg 4 by using a time delay of 19 and a half minutes.   We will try and find out what the reason was for the DNF.       

 on: April 19, 2018, 05:04:44 pm 
Started by gregaryus - Last post by gregaryus
Unlike other motor sports, the weather usually doesn't cancel a rally.   Some legs may be cancelled or re-routed.   The drought has caused most creeks to dry up, so the likelihood of any legs being cancelled because of excessive rain is highly unlikely.   Robin and I will run the entire route on Saturday.   We will do a final "creek check" Sunday morning.   Any course abnormalities will be announced at the competitor's meeting.   See you Sunday morning in Skiatook!!!

 on: March 28, 2018, 09:57:49 am 
Started by gregaryus - Last post by gregaryus
The route for the AREA 51 RALLY was ran on Monday, March 25th, and approved by the National rally team of Jim Duea and John Pearsall.   Both commented about the scenic route and how it reminded them of some of the National events that they have run in Wisconsin.   Jim will be back to help work the event.

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