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June 29, 2017, 01:21:08 am

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Greencountry Motorsports

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 on: June 15, 2017, 10:27:55 am 
Started by gregaryus - Last post by gregaryus
Thanks for your help OKVOL!!!

 on: June 15, 2017, 10:26:01 am 
Started by gregaryus - Last post by gregaryus
The rally will start BEHIND the McDonald's located just southeast of I-44 (exit236) and 129th E. Avenue on 129th.   Just drive through the lot and you will see the cul-de-sac where we will be.   Tech and registration will open at NOON.   The competitor's meeting will be at 12:45 pm.   The rally will start shortly thereafter.

The rally will finish at the Braum's located at 700 N. Lynn Riggs in Claremore.   The rally should take under four hours to complete.

The entry fee is $15 per car.

 on: June 13, 2017, 09:37:32 pm 
Started by gregaryus - Last post by okvol
I cross-posted this on Neokla discussion facebook page.

 on: June 12, 2017, 10:25:37 am 
Started by gregaryus - Last post by gregaryus
Tentative plans have been made for the NEOKLA REGION of SCCA to hold a road rally on Sunday August 13th.   It appears that it will be called " AVERAGE JOE'S ICE CREAM SOCIAL RALLY ".    The route is about 80 miles in length and is all on paved roads.   There will be four timed legs with winners for each leg winning prizes.
     The time to match in an Average Joe rally is determined by the entrants.   If ten cars run a leg, the elapsed time for each of the ten cars running that leg will be added together.   That total time is divided by the number of cars (in this case 10) to find the average elapsed time the leg.   The competitor's elapsed times are compared to the average elapsed time.   The competitor with the elapsed time that is closest to the average time is the winner of that leg.   So, you do not want to be the fastest and you do not want to be the slowest, you want to be average.
     Entry fees, meeting time and meeting place are all being discussed at this time.   The rally will start in the Tulsa area and finish in the Claremore area.
     Keep checking for updates!!!!!   

 on: May 10, 2017, 09:21:58 am 
Started by gregaryus - Last post by gregaryus
The team of Jeff and Amanda Maize used seven single digit scores to win first overall at NEOKLA REGION'S AREA 51 ROAD RALLY on May Sunday, 7th.   The feat was even more impressive as the team "swapped seats" on every other leg as per the rules for those in the unlimited class.
The team of Luke and Kari Townsley won the stock class for those who preferred the traditional the driver only drives and the navigator only navigates team.
The route itself consisted of four pairs of legs and was nicknamed "the speedy spider" by the rallymaster, Garry Deaton.   The route was about 145 miles long with about 45 miles of unpaved roads.   Each leg had both paved and unpaved portions.
The rally's first timed leg called "ALL TUCKERED OUT", was 8.09 miles long and featured a low water crossing of Tucker Creek.   Team Maize made the mistake of leaving the start two minutes early.   The other teams followed the example set by the first car to leave and they trailed the Audi with their own early departures.   The team of Brian and Curtis Lambert were the least early at the timing line in their Jeep Wrangler with a score of 92.
Jason Baney and Michael Tritt in their WRX scored the first zero of the rally on the 14.14 mile "FAREWELL TO ARMS" which was a longer version of the previous leg.   The WRX team drew within three seconds of the Jeep team for the overall lead.
The following transit proved to be a disaster for the Lamberts.   A missed turn caused an extended off-course run.   The Jeep team decided to withdraw rather than skip legs and rejoin the event.  They became the only non-finisher of the rally.
The first leg after lunch was the 6.70 mile "TURKEY TROT" which was named for an encounter with the birds that the rallymaster had while setting up the course.   Team Maize scored a two which gave them the lead once and for all.  Josh Ingram and Micah Garvin managed a four and secured second overall.   They would maintain this position to the end of the rally.
The 6.31 mile "SECOND HELPING" offered the rallyists another short leg.   Team Maize scored a one for the leg's best.
That short leg was followed by the longest leg of the rally.   "LONG LOOP" featured a STEEP set of down hill hairpins in its 17.87 miles.   Mitch and Sue Russell piloted their Ford Focus to the only zero of the leg.
"MORE CURLS" was another loop of the town of Ochelata.   Ryan Ramsey and Jared Asberry had the lowest double digit score on the 14.80 mile leg and looked good doing it in their black Subaru BRZ.
The first leg after a short break was the 11.62 mile "ROLLER COASTER".   Team Townsley made the save of the rally by using a time allowance when their Volkswagen Rabbit ran low on fuel.   Todd and Leslie Swain joined the "zero club" in their Honda Civic to share the leg's best score with two other teams.
"TYNER CREEK" was the last and shortest leg of the rally at 5.76 miles.   The team of Baney and Tritt produced their fourth zero of the day for the best score on the leg.
The finishing teams expressed their gratitude to workers Bob and Vada Strattan, George Walker and Robin Deaton as well as pre-checkers George Walker, Jim Duea and John Pearsall.   It was agreed that another rally should be presented by NEOKLA REGION in 2017.

Jeff Maize/Amanda Maize                         Audi                Unlimited          142
Josh Ingram/Micah Garvin                       Subaru             Unlimited          161
Jason Baney/Michael Tritt                        Subaru             Unlimited          166
Luke Townsley/Kari Townsley                  VW                   Stock               244
Ryan Ramsey/Jared Asberry                     Subaru             Unlimited          355
Mitch Russell/Sue Russell                         Ford                 Stock               366
Todd Swain/Leslie Swain                         Honda               Unlimited         413
Brian Lambert/Curtis Lambert                  Jeep                 Stock               1916

 on: May 04, 2017, 01:25:42 pm 
Started by gregaryus - Last post by gregaryus
I ran the route that was the MOST at risk and I couldn't believe how well the gravel roads had drained.   Highway 20 may be flooded, but some of the AREA 51 gravel sections were in OPTIMUM condition.   I ran some parts in the Escort as if I was a bit behind.   (The official speed to run most of the gravel sections during the event is 34.)   I ran 40-50 in places and it was a BLAST.   Yes, there were slow sections where they had dumped some gravel for last week's rains, but for the most part, the roads were ready to run the event TODAY.     

 on: May 03, 2017, 09:01:26 am 
Started by gregaryus - Last post by gregaryus
I will be going out Thursday to check the "low" spots, but I don't expect to see much to be concerned about ON the rally route.   Robin and I will do a final pre-check early-early Saturday morning and report any abnormalities at one of the competitor's meetings****.

****Since this will be an event with entrants with little or no rally experience, there will be short competitor's meetings at each break.   There is MUCH to be learned and if I tell it all at the morning meeting, MOST will be forgotten when it comes time to use the knowledge to your advantage.   So, I will ONLY talk about the route that we are about to rally.

The morning meeting will cover the tire warm up, the paved and unpaved odo runs, the transit to the first break and driver "seat swapping".

 on: April 19, 2017, 12:31:05 pm 
Started by RogerB - Last post by RogerB

 on: April 18, 2017, 09:08:15 am 
Started by gregaryus - Last post by gregaryus
The AREA 51 RALLY that was to be run in October will be presented by the NEOKLA REGION of the SPORTS CAR CLUB of AMERICA on Sunday May 7, 2017.   We will meet in the TRACTOR SUPPLY CO. parking lot located at 823 WEST ROGERS (HIGHWAY 20) in SKIATOOK OKLAHOMA at 7:30 am.   The lot is located on the Southwest corner of ROGERS and LOMBARD.   WAL-MART is located on the Northeast corner of that same intersection.

The course has been reworked a bit over the winter, but the concept remains the same.   It is a TOUR rally that is timed.   Every instruction on the timed legs has the official mileage and the perfect time for arriving at that instruction.   That means no calculating and all each team has to do is arrive at each of the points in the elapsed times provided in the instructions.   The scoring will be done at the end of each LEG at the checkpoint.   The GOAL is to arrive EXACTLY on time.  You will receive one point per second EARLY or LATE.   The team that has the lowest total score in each CLASS will be the winners of that CLASS.

The original route was pre-checked by George Walker in one of his Miatas and the reworked route was pre-checked by Jim Duea and John Pearsall in a Ford pickup.   Jim and John are from the OKC area.

The route is of mixed surfaces and is about 145 miles in length.   There is about 45 miles of unpaved roads.   There are eight checkpoints.   The route will pass through OSAGE, TULSA and WASHINGTON Counties.   You will encounter low water crossings, washes, open range, cattle guards, livestock and the associated agricultural deposits.

There will be two classes to choose from.   The STANDARD CLASS is for those who wish to run the traditional DRIVER/NAVIGATOR team in which the DRIVER only drives and the NAVIGATOR only navigates.   The UNLIMITED CLASS is for those who want to "swap seats" during the event.   The rally is set up with four legs that are run as LEG A and LEG B.   The primary driver drives the LEG A sections and the secondary driver drives the LEG B sections.   There are parts of LEG A and LEG B that both drivers with have to negotiate.

The ENTRY FEE is $15.00 PER CAR.   Any street-legal car or truck may be entered.

There will be morning, lunch and afternoon BREAKS.   The first finisher should arrive back in SKIATOOK about 3:30 pm.

GO TO  neoklascca.org for more info.   For QUESTIONS contact the rally-master at gregaryus@yahoo.com.

 on: April 04, 2017, 07:47:38 pm 
Started by okvol - Last post by okvol
Ok, this has been too quiet. So, for you old school lurkers: get registered. I was the first. Here is the link: http://www.motorsportreg.com/events/neokla-2017-solo-event-2-fair-meadows-tulsa-fairgrounds-meadow-scca-054751

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