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The team of Jeff and Amanda Maize used seven single digit scores to win first overall at NEOKLA REGION'S AREA 51 ROAD RALLY on May Sunday, 7th.   The feat was even more impressive as the team "swapped seats" on every other leg as per the rules for those in the unlimited class.
The team of Luke and Kari Townsley won the stock class for those who preferred the traditional the driver only drives and the navigator only navigates team.
The route itself consisted of four pairs of legs and was nicknamed "the speedy spider" by the rallymaster, Garry Deaton.   The route was about 145 miles long with about 45 miles of unpaved roads.   Each leg had both paved and unpaved portions.
The rally's first timed leg called "ALL TUCKERED OUT", was 8.09 miles long and featured a low water crossing of Tucker Creek.   Team Maize made the mistake of leaving the start two minutes early.   The other teams followed the example set by the first car to leave and they trailed the Audi with their own early departures.   The team of Brian and Curtis Lambert were the least early at the timing line in their Jeep Wrangler with a score of 92.
Jason Baney and Michael Tritt in their WRX scored the first zero of the rally on the 14.14 mile "FAREWELL TO ARMS" which was a longer version of the previous leg.   The WRX team drew within three seconds of the Jeep team for the overall lead.
The following transit proved to be a disaster for the Lamberts.   A missed turn caused an extended off-course run.   The Jeep team decided to withdraw rather than skip legs and rejoin the event.  They became the only non-finisher of the rally.
The first leg after lunch was the 6.70 mile "TURKEY TROT" which was named for an encounter with the birds that the rallymaster had while setting up the course.   Team Maize scored a two which gave them the lead once and for all.  Josh Ingram and Micah Garvin managed a four and secured second overall.   They would maintain this position to the end of the rally.
The 6.31 mile "SECOND HELPING" offered the rallyists another short leg.   Team Maize scored a one for the leg's best.
That short leg was followed by the longest leg of the rally.   "LONG LOOP" featured a STEEP set of down hill hairpins in its 17.87 miles.   Mitch and Sue Russell piloted their Ford Focus to the only zero of the leg.
"MORE CURLS" was another loop of the town of Ochelata.   Ryan Ramsey and Jared Asberry had the lowest double digit score on the 14.80 mile leg and looked good doing it in their black Subaru BRZ.
The first leg after a short break was the 11.62 mile "ROLLER COASTER".   Team Townsley made the save of the rally by using a time allowance when their Volkswagen Rabbit ran low on fuel.   Todd and Leslie Swain joined the "zero club" in their Honda Civic to share the leg's best score with two other teams.
"TYNER CREEK" was the last and shortest leg of the rally at 5.76 miles.   The team of Baney and Tritt produced their fourth zero of the day for the best score on the leg.
The finishing teams expressed their gratitude to workers Bob and Vada Strattan, George Walker and Robin Deaton as well as pre-checkers George Walker, Jim Duea and John Pearsall.   It was agreed that another rally should be presented by NEOKLA REGION in 2017.

Jeff Maize/Amanda Maize                         Audi                Unlimited          142
Josh Ingram/Micah Garvin                       Subaru             Unlimited          161
Jason Baney/Michael Tritt                        Subaru             Unlimited          166
Luke Townsley/Kari Townsley                  VW                   Stock               244
Ryan Ramsey/Jared Asberry                     Subaru             Unlimited          355
Mitch Russell/Sue Russell                         Ford                 Stock               366
Todd Swain/Leslie Swain                         Honda               Unlimited         413
Brian Lambert/Curtis Lambert                  Jeep                 Stock               1916
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