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Author Topic: TRIO TAKE EAGLE EYE ROAD RALLY  (Read 611 times)
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« on: February 06, 2018, 09:59:42 am »

The team of Jeff Maize, Michael Tritt and Jason Baney accepted the challenge of the Eagle Eye Road Rally on Saturday, February 3rd.    The three were instructed in a 100.5 rally school (not quite 101) earlier in the day.   They learned their lessons well and reported no problems other than an odometer that was "way off" due to non-stock wheels and tires.  The short course took just over an hour to run and challenged them to locate all of the stop signs, traffic lights and yield signs along the route.   Each sign was given a point amount.   The team simply totaled those to get a partial total for signage.   It was partial because they also had to total the number of feet of the overhead clearance signs along the route.   The signage total and the clearance total were added together for the "observance" total.    The other part of the score was the measuring of the course.   Despite the odometer error, the team guessed within a half of a mile of the actual distance measured by the rallymaster.   The event was close enough to Valentine's Day that the prizes were a choice of various chocolate treats.

The next event will be the second running of THE AREA 51 RALLY.   This event is unique as it has two classes.   One class will have the standard driver/navigator set up where the driver only drives and the navigator only navigates.   The other class offers the possibility of the two team members "swapping seats".   There will be four paved legs and four unpaved or mixed surface legs it appears at this time.   The paved legs will have a special prize for the team, regardless of class, that scores the best on them.   This prize will be the Loudness Of the Lams (LOL) prize.   The unpaved or mixed legs will also have a special prize for the team, regardless of class, that scores the best on them.   This prize will be the Master Of the Marbles (MOM) prize.   The date for THE AREA 51 RALLY will be announced in the next few days.   The start and finish will be in the Skiatook area.   
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