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February 20, 2019, 10:00:25 am

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The team of Jorge Flores and Jimmy LaMay used superb scoring to win the Second Running of the Area 51 Road Rally.   Although many teams scored well on some legs of the event, only Flores and LaMay scored single digits on every leg.   Their score of 24 points for the first four legs was impressive, but the lunch break only fueled their intensity.   They collected only 3 points in the final four legs with their '98 Subaru Impreza.   This consistency also earned the pair the Loudness of the Lams Award for the best scores on the paved legs, just edging fellow Impreza team, Spencer Stevenson and Chance Kidd, with a tie breaker.   Both teams had six points, but Flores and LaMay won two of the three paved legs, giving them the award.   Osage County maintenance crews had graveled a good portion of the second leg of the event.   The field of seven teams voted before the day started to count the leg as a gravel leg instead of a paved one.   That shortened the paved legs to three and increased the gravel legs to five.   Stevenson and Kidd eventually finished second overall with a total score of 43.

Jason Baney and Michael Tritt finished third overall in their 2002 WRX with 45 points.   Baney and Tritt were consoled by winning the Master of the Marbles Award for the team that had the best scores for the gravel legs.   This time Flores and LaMay were edged out of the award by one point, 20 - 21.

The team of Steve and Angela Schoffstall drove well over 100 miles to attend from their home in western Oklahoma.   When asked, they said the fires got within 20 miles of their home.   That's scary.   The Schoffstalls scored a fine 59 with a zero and two scores of 1 point using a 2013 Crosstrek.    Nate Pittman and Khris Pearce used a 2006 Ford Mustang to collect a mere 68 points that included a handful of single digit scores.   Kyle Shoulders and Tim Cruz were the final finishers with 124 points, but you could tell that they had a blast in their 1983 Brat which included a zero.

The team of Forrest Holt and Kortney Holt did not finish but did score a seven on leg 4 by using a time delay of 19 and a half minutes.   We will try and find out what the reason was for the DNF.       
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